Celebrities secret to smoother skin!

Dermaplaning is a type of Physical exfoliation that triggers the cell regeneration process, this also allows products to better penetrate the skin.
Dermaplaning is also great at getting rid of the tiny vellus hairs as well as dirt,dead skin & make up. Contrary to popular belief your vellus hairs will not grow back darker and thicker as opposed to the terminal hair – (hair on your head).
Deep exfoliation of your dead skin cells along with the removal of these fine vellus hairs results in glowing baby soft skin, you will also be able to use a smaller amount of foundation as your makeup will glide on smoothly.

The 10 reasons why dermaplanning is great:
1) 100% natural , no chemicals used
2)Gentle exfoliation, can be used on all skin types
3)Comfortable and relaxing treatment
4)No downtime , get glowing skin straight away !
5)Removes the appearance of fine lines and acne scars
6)Painless and only takes 30 minutes
7)Great to have before one of our natural, medical ,vegan* Alumier peels,you will have better absorption of the product in your skin.
8)Vellus peach fuzz is removed and DOES NOT grow back thicker.
9)You will get baby soft glowing skin.
10)Affordable costs only £50

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